Qualified Counsellor/ Psychotherapist

I am registered with the Counselling Directory, The Black and Asian Therapy Network (Baatn), The British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (Bacp). I trained at the Manor House Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy .

My private practice at: Sydenham Hill, London SE23, 3PR
Modality: Psycho-dynamic Psychotherapy

How it works

Psychodynamic counselling employs strict boundaries with regards to the session time-keeping, setting a therapeutic contract, breaks and endings. Such boundaries help to contain and hold the client. The anonymity of the counsellor helps to show up transference reaction which brings to light important information about the client’s past experiences.

Psychodynamic counsellors work with the ‘transference’ which is an unconscious process when the client responds to the counsellor as if to a significant other person from the client’s past. Transference allows the counsellor to learn more about the client’s developmental course from childhood into adulthood. The counsellor helps to create understanding through making the client's unconscious conscious.


The benefits of talking therapy

Areas of speciality: Work- life imbalances, relationship issues, cultural issues, Trauma, bereavement, panic attack, stress, depression, low self-esteem & self- confidence, abuse, separation

Experience: Worked in organisations based in the South London and the NHS

Our first appointment will be an assessment that last for 50 minutes. This assessment gives us the opportunity to determine how we will proceed in our work together. At the assessment we negotiate a suitable day and time where we would meet once weekly for 50 minutes starting at the time agreed.

I offer, time limited or long term one-to-one counselling for adults over 18 years.


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Michelle O'Neill, MBACP Registered Counsellor

Professional Memberships & Accreditations

MICHELLE O'Neill registered with´┐ŻCounselling Directory
MICHELLE O'Neill (MBACP Registered)